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Read this before you register

1. Make sure you check out the Fees and Policies pages before you register as we charge 13% Harmonized Sales Tax on top of all fees.  Please also note that this conference is in English. 

2. Have you applied for your eTA or visa yet? If not, we highly recommend you do so before registering. 

3. On the registration page, you will be asked to create an account at checkout. This will give you access to your ticket and invoice, and will allow you to setup your attendee profile and see your schedule later on. You can create an account using your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or email accounts. 

For TCI members, you will need your membership number that came in your welcome letter to register. If you need your membership number, please contact the TCI  Network Secretariat.

4. See below for your payment options and choose the appropriate method. 

Payment options

  • All major credit cards (including AMEX): We accept electronic payments made using all major credit cards. Note: If you are paying via credit card, we highly recommend that you first notify your bank of the transaction to ensure that your credit card does not get declined. 
  • PayPal - including paying directly through your bank account.
  • Wire payments - If you are paying via wire, please email us at and provide us with the names of registrants,  quantity of tickets, along with type (TCI or non-TCI member). If you are a TCI member, you will need to provide your membership number as confirmation. Please note that all wires are subject to $17.50 CAD (or same amount if paying in USD) wire administration charge. We highly recommend using credit card or debit options instead of wiring as this can significantly prolong your processing time.

Unfortunately, we cannot process credit card payments on-site so we ask that all delegates register and pay fully before arrival.

Please note that by clicking the button above to register, you will be redirected to our external registration system.

After you register

1.  You'll receive a confirmation email from us with discounts on flights and other forms of travel. 

2. Book your stay at the Chelsea Hotel Toronto and book your flight (or find other ways to travel).