Refund Policy

For any registrations (and payments) received by July 16, 2018, 50% of your registration fee will be refunded to you as long as the request for refund is received before September 1, 2018. For any payments received after July 16, 2018, no refunds be issued. However, the registration can be transferred to an alternate. This information must be communicated to the organizing team

We highly recommend that you apply for your visa or eTA before registering.


TCI Network Member Registration Policy

  • TCI Network members must verify their membership as requested on the registration form. Organizers reserve the right to revoke registrations in the case that a registrant is found to not be a current member of the TCI Network.
  • Delegates who become members after registering will not be refunded the difference. 
  • For organizational members, a maximum of 10 tickets are allowed to be purchased and each ticket holder must be verified.

Registration and Payment Policy


  • Registration is only deemed complete when full payment is received. Wire payments must be received before the cut-off date. 
  • Payment methods are the ones specified on the fees page. We do not accept any cash, personal cheques, or money orders on or before the conference for the registration fee.
  • The Institute, host of TCI 2018, is not responsible for any declined payments, insufficient funds, or errors in registering.
  • It is the responsibility of the delegate to ensure that the information inputted is accurate and complete. 
  • Registration fee paid is final and cannot be refunded for payment of a lower rate or applied retroactively.
  • All applicable taxes (and fees if wiring) must be paid upon purchase in addition to the stated price. 
  • All cut-off dates such as when the early bird date rate ends is based on Eastern Standard Time in Toronto. 
  • There will be no on-site registration and the Institute reserves the right to turn away any guests who have not fully registered for TCI 2018 before arrival on October 16, 2018. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse to provide invite letters and to decline any registrations by anyone deemed ineligible for the conference. 

Privacy Policy

Any details inputted in the registration form and communicated with the conference organizers, local steering committee, or the Institute will be kept confidential.

However, for the purposes of planning, communication, and execution (including sponsorship agreements) of TCI 2018, your registration information may be shared with the Institute's partners and TCI Network and its affiliates such as next year's conference organizers. No payment information will ever be shared. In addition, TCI 2018 will be documented and photographed and therefore your photo and video may appear on all conference related websites, publications and social media channels, including the TCI Network's website and Flickr channel. By registering for TCI 2018 you allow the organizers to allow the use of your photo and video footage (if any) for purposes related to the global conferences. 

Data Collection Policy

The data you provide to the Institute for the purposes of TCI 2018 (e.g., registration, surveys) will be stored and processed in an automated file of contacts with the purpose to provide you with information about the conference and about TCI activities and services. Pictures and videos recorded during the conference week might be used in TCI and the Institute's corporate communication channels to promote its activities. The data is confidential and for the exclusive use of the Institute and TCI, responsible for the file. Please note that contact data could be shared and occasionally transferred to other TCI Members or TCI 2018 partners to enable collaboration in joint activities and services. In order to access, rectify or cancel the data, please send an e-mail to