Building Green - Collaborating to Accelerate

Cluster Description

With more high-rise construction than in any other city in North America and the highest percentage of new buildings being built to green standards in Canada, Toronto's booming construction sector is a global leader in green buildings.  Toronto is home to world-renowned sustainable architectural firms, green building developers, and leading-edge green building technology suppliers.  The strength of Toronto's vibrant green building cluster is supportive local government programs and policies, a close collaboration with Toronto's universities, colleges and research institutions, and a construction industry that sees the competitive advantage of building green.

This cluster immersion experience will visit leading cluster centres that incubate innovation, test and pilot new solutions that help Toronto to build green, and will explore how local government policies help establish the framework for industry growth and how solid working relations between the academic sector and industry can drive innovation and global success. 

More information and a detailed agenda coming in July!

Why you should attend

Learn how the gears (also known as triple helix for innovation) for building a strong Green Buildings cluster ecosystem are in place in Toronto and how they interact through:

  • Experienced base of builders, developers, product manufacturers, and entrepreneurs
  • Supportive government programs and policies
  • Academia providing research, incubation, and skills training

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Image credit: CreativeNature_nl, istockphoto