Jeremy Dabor

Jeremy Dabor is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Sensassure, a senior tech company focused on improving the quality of life of incontinent nursing home residents. Sensassure uses sensors to detect and notify nursing home care staff when a residents’ incontinence product is wet and need to be changed. Residents who use Sensassure spend up to 74% less time in a wet brief.

Jeremy co-founded Sensassure after abandoning his pursuit of medicine and dropping out of McGill University. Along with his co-founders, he spent over a year living in nursing homes across North America to develop and test Sensassure’s solution. After three years, Sensassure was acquired by SCA, a Swedish Global Hygiene Company, where Jeremy currently functions as the Head of Product Development.

Prior to co-founding Sensassure, Jeremy spent time working in biotech (BioNano Genomics in San Diego and Horizon Discovery in Cambridge, UK), pharma (ApoPharma in Toronto) and in research labs at the University of Toronto (Professors Kain, van der Kooy and Davidson) and McGill University (Dr. Behr).