Cluster Description

The Toronto Region Human Health and Sciences (HHS) cluster is one of Canada’s most high impact and high potential economic clusters. The HHS cluster includes all of the institutions and organizations that touch the development and delivery of healthcare, from medical technology and biopharmaceuticals, to health-focused venture capital funds, to hospitals and university R&D centres. The HHS ecosystem is defined by a convergence of key stakeholders from academia, industry and government, what some theorists have called the ‘triple helix’ required to create and expand a successful cluster.

The HHS cluster has the largest concentration of health sciences employment and companies in Canada, as well as a century-long track record of outstanding research innovations. We have undeniable momentum and believe we can grow the economy of the region and improve patient outcomes.

Toronto region’s HHS cluster is central to the Life Sciences ecosystem in Ontario. The Life Sciences sector contributes $3.9 billion to the GDP of the province of Ontario, with exports of $8.6 billion. With nearly 50% of Ontario’s population and a representative percentage of the $5.9 billion healthcare spend, the Toronto Region is the largest healthcare market in Canada. It also has the largest concentration of research institutions, attracting the lion’s share of Ontario’s $7 billion spend on R&D. The Toronto Region is home to over 50+ head offices of multinational companies, homegrown businesses, and 1000+ start-ups. Overall the region contributes over 10% of Canada’s total GDP output.

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Image credit: ipopba, istockphoto