Cluster Description

Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe is home to the one of the largest food, beverage and farming clusters in North America. The region’s superb agricultural land is complemented by a moderate climate and access to an abundant supply of fresh water. The one million acres of farmland under production within the boundaries of the region generate in excess of $1.5 billion in gross farm receipts annually from a production profile that includes 200 different agricultural commodities.

Half of Ontario’s food processors are also located in the Golden Horseshoe cluster.  Food processing businesses in the region now employ more workers than the auto industry and is the main economic driver of the region.  The Census Metropolitan Area of Toronto generates in excess of $17 billion worth of food processing sales and employs over 60,000 individuals.

Industry employers, innovators, researchers and collaborators have built a stellar reputation for reliable, sustainable sources of agricultural raw materials, state-of-the-art automated food processing and world class food safety standards

 A rich endowment of soil, water resources and infrastructure combined with access to a large  diverse market, an outstanding and diverse educated labour force and outstanding research capabilities are among the advantages that stand to propel this innovative cluster forward.

Agenda and more information coming in May!

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Image credit: pixdeluxe, istockphoto