Cluster Description

Durham Region’s (part of the Toronto Region) diverse business community includes a world-class EN3 cluster of Energy, Environment and Engineering sector businesses - the strongest of its kind in Ontario.

The Region produces approximately 30 per cent of Ontario's electricity, and is a recognized energy cluster. Durham's two nuclear generating stations set that cluster in motion. Out of the 22 CANDU reactors in the country, 12 are located in Durham Region and have a combined generating capacity of approximately 6,600 megawatts.

The environmental and engineering industries are also strong in Durham Region. They represent a united sector, with manufacturing and service businesses in all three fields.

This fusion of interests will be driven further as the federal and provincial governments develop and fund stepped-up sustainability and climate change plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Specific initiatives in the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan align favourably with Durham Region's capabilities, experience, and assets.

Opportunities to attract foreign investment are linked to Ontario’s international reputation as a North American leader in utilizing the public private partnership (P3) model for large infrastructure projects.

There is also potential for firms locating in Durham Region to tap into the significant construction, engineering, professional and technical services talent pool that reside in the Region, particularly given that many are currently commuting to work elsewhere in the Toronto Region.

Agenda and more information coming in May!

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Image credit: gremlin, istockphoto