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Where research meets policy

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Canada has a handful of think tanks that are focused on promoting the competitiveness and prosperity of regions. While each has a different focus, many of them are connected by this goal, often through removing the barriers within firms and ones that firms face. Each has a different group of stakeholders, audiences, and advisors but are all very effective in making meaningful policy change. While some of the think tanks conduct research and analysis on clusters and cluster policy, others work with the cluster ecosystem to bring thoughtful content to help firms, organizations, and governments move forward on their competitiveness agendas. 

Why you should attend

  • Meet and learn about 4 of Canada's leading think tanks that are in walking distance from one another, all focused on issues related to firms, innovation, and the economy.
  • Learn how the think tank community collaborates to help achieve each other's goals
  • Understand the role of think tanks in advancing public policy, and promoting an inclusive agenda

This experience is for those who are interested in understanding the role of think tanks in the cluster ecosystem and how they work together to advance a cluster's agenda. 


09:00 AM
Gather and walk from Chelsea Hotel Toronto

09:00-10:15 AM
Walk to Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship, a think tank based out of Ryerson University that is dedicated to making Canada the best place to be an innovator or entrepreneur by advancing research and analysis to support innovators and entrepreneurs. 

At BII+E you will:

  • Meet the entire BII+E team, including Executive Director Sean Mullin. their 16 policy and research team members, and their collaborators
  • Learn how their research and analysis is then fed into their pilot + prototypes and vice versa, developed with their collaborators
  • Participate in a mini pilot project on policy innovation in Canada. 

10:15-12:00 PM
Walk to the Rotman School of Management on the University of Toronto St George Campus and visit three think tanks. You'll start at the Institute for Gender and the Economy (GATE), based in Rotman that promotes understanding of the gender inequalities and solutions. At GATE you will:

  • Meet the GATE team, including Professor Sarah Kaplan, Director and her team. 
  • Learn how the GATE team is working with companies and organizations on addressing gender inequalities that are barriers to the sustainable inclusion of women in the labour force. 

Then head upstairs and meet with both the Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity and the Martin Prosperity Institute, sister think tanks that are headed by Executive Director Jamison Steeve. On the 9th floor where both Institutes are housed, you will:

  • Learn how both think tanks collaborate with one another to deliver research analysis and to learn now tools and techniques to promote sound economic and public policy in Ontario and abroad. 

12:00-1:00 PM
Lunch and informal networking

1:00-3:00 PM
Mini-Charrette on the 9th floor.  We'll be exploring the question of how we can, as a think tank community, promote cluster collaboration amongst our stakeholders. 

3:00 PM
Wrap up

3:30 PM
Head downstairs to participate in the TCI AGM and/or cocktail reception

Meet the Think Tanks

Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship - BII+E is an independent and nonpartisan institute, housed within Ryerson University, that is dedicated to making Canada the best country in the world to be an innovator or an entrepreneur. BII+E supports this mission in three ways: insightful research and analysis; testing, piloting and prototyping projects; which informs BII+E’s leadership and advocacy on behalf of innovation and entrepreneurship across the country.  They collaborate with governments, companies, research organizations, incubators, and accelerators. 

Institute for Gender and the Economy GATE promotes an understanding of gender inequalities and how they can be remedied – by people of all genders – in the world of business and, more broadly, in the economy.

Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity is a Canadian think tank focusing on Ontario's economic and public policy research, analysis, and recommendations to advance Ontario's competitiveness and prosperity. 

Martin Prosperity Institute explores the necessary requirements to achieve a prosperous future for all – one in which democracy and capitalism work in support of each other. It is led by Roger Martin and Richard Florida. 

Meet your Organizers

  • Dorinda So, Research Director, Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity (She's your tour leader!)
  • Michelle Hopgood, Graphic Designer, Data Visualist and Knowledge Manager, Martin Prosperity Institute